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Our free lessons are always growing and we focus on things that make your guitar life better. Explore the lessons and, of course, if you want to become a stronger player and be able to tackle any genre of music with less effort and more musicality then check out our courses page and begin your journey!

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“Anyone wishing to learn guitar will truly be impressed at the professionalism but more important, the PASSION that the studio displays.”

-Allison P.

“Both of my girls study at the studio and they LOVE it, we are happy with all the music they are making.”

-Matt C

Too many teachers err too far in one of two directions: overloading students too soon with mundane coursework that ultimately crushes their passion for art, or giving them fun songs to play without imparting the underpinnings of theoretical knowledge which inevitably leads to frustration years later when they realize they haven’t learned anything. Because Thomas, on the other hand, is able to adjust his teaching to the student’s needs, he is able to strike the perfect balance along this continuum every time.
"Thomas Byers Guitar Studio is amazing. From the second you walk into the studio, to the lessons, and their method. Best place to get lessons, hands down!”

-Amee B.

“I never knew how to get better until I came to the studio.”

- Brian H.

“I love, love , love this pace, my son has come so far!”

-Kathy P.

“All of The instructors are amazing."

-Kate M.

"TBGS has great guitar teachers. They always goes the extra mile to make my lessons both challenging and fun."

- Emilly G.

“The studio has instilled in her a desire to be a better musician. I don’t have to nag her about practicing; she plays because she wants to improve and learn new things.”

- Jennifer S.

“Thomas and his team are the BEST guitar teachers around. Their professional knowledge is top-notch and the instruction is excellent. My son had the privilege of taking lessons from Mr. Byers several years ago and now is taking lessons from another great instructor at the studio. I recommend the Thomas Byers Guitar Studio to anyone wishing to learn guitar.”

-John G.

"TBGS have the best teachers! They are so knowledgeable, competent, patient, and totally musically talented! I recommend the studio to anyone wanting a wonderful teacher. The studio is beautiful."

-Gretchen G.

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Guitar For All!

Our step-by-step curriculum uses original pieces of music to teach you every aspect of playing the guitar. Our music was created to easily develop specific techniques while allowing you to explore different genres of music. Imagine a cool blues tune that integrates left hand finger strength or a beautiful classical melody that focuses on your right hand, that is what you can expect with our award-winning instruction and wonderfully useful videos. Did we mention we teach online and in person?! Explore our site to find out more!