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As a guitar player, practicing can seem a little overwhelming as many mistakenly fall into the same conclusion that they need to practice 4 hours a day to become an exquisite guitar player. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. Though you do need to practice often and make it a part of your routine, there is such a thing as practicing too much. Even if this is hard to believe, when you practice comfortably, I have found that this allows for a better practicing session. There are many factors that lead to an enjoyable practice session as there is a lot more to it than simply reviewing scales and your brand new piece. Finger exercises are a critical factor to any practice session as they not only warm you up but also allow you to better improve your technique while you play. Once you have completed these finger exercises, it is a good idea to review any scales you may have though this should only be a part of the brief warm up before you start playing any pieces/songs you have. A brief warm up is quite helpful in the long run as when you practice these important things in little chunks you are more likely to retain them rather than exhaust yourself and forget. Once you have done your warm up, you are ready to play any material you have regarding pieces/songs for a performance. While you do this it is important to keep any material you may play for pure enjoyment on hand whether that is a certain piece or just simply jamming on your guitar this keeps you entertained throughout the practice session. As you do this you will find that you are less likely to overwhelm yourself with material. Here is a link that describes the critical parts of a practice routine as well as another helpful article that describes what effective guitar playing means in terms of practicing. Even if you have a performance coming up or are just reviewing old pieces, practicing in smaller 20 minute chunks allows for a better feeling practice session. I have found this information quite useful and even practice this way myself which has improved my playing a lot since I have started practicing more responsibly. I hope you all will find this as useful as I have. Enjoy!

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