A New Perspective with Ana Vidovic

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I find it incredibly important, as an aspiring guitarist, to get critique on your playing from experienced musicians. This not only applies to guitar, but instruments in general and I find that this is an incredible way to grow as a musician. While I have some experience with this, as I have attended a masterclass with Pavel Steidl, I have found that more than one perspective is quite helpful when regarding technique and style to improve ones playing. That is why I have provided you guys with an awesome video of some critique on right hand technique by world renowned classical guitarist Ana Vidovic. Ms. Vidovic has an extensive knowledge of the guitar and has performed internationally since the age of eleven years old. At thirteen, she attended the National Musical Academy as their youngest student. In the video below, she describes the importance of right hand technique and placement, as well as nail size, during her masterclass in March of 2015. Here is her feedback for one of the performers as she demonstrates her new perspective on right hand technique. This video was very informative and has helped me quite a bit in right hand configuration to have a better tone as well as give me more feedback on the benefits of playing with nails. I have also attached another video of Ana Vidovic’s performance of Asturias by Isaac Albéniz in May 2015. I hope you all enjoy!

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