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Guitar for All

$17.99 / month

We like to keep things simple; one price, all access! Our full site pass gives you access to our entire curriculum which includes:

  • Six overall courses
    • Beginning I, Beginning II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, and Advanced II
  • Our courses combined contain over 70 video lessons
    • Each lesson contains its own high-definition video that models and explains everything you need to know to perform our original music, expand and refine your technique, and mainly learn your instrument the right way!
  • Pages and pages of beautiful PDFs
    • Most video lessons contain a PDF link that gives diagrams and explanations on everything from chord diagrams to advanced music theory topics, you can print these or view them on your web browser
  • Have a question?
    • Each video lesson has a “Contact the instructor” button that allows you to send a question directly to us with out leaving your video lesson
  • Quizzes
    • Every video lesson contains a short and relevant quiz that helps you understand the lesson and with links to explore great guitarists
  • Traceable learning system
    • See your progress in real time with a progress bar that keeps track of where you are in the curriculum
  • Student Comments
    • Stay engaged with other students by commenting on every video lesson directly from the video lesson page

Why wait?

  • Affordable!
  • On your schedule!
  • Award winning instruction and curriculum!
  • Guitar for all!

Product Description

First off, we use PayPal because of its world-wide reputation. We’d rather your information be secured by the world’s leading payment processor by having one simple extra step when purchasing than not!

Once you sign-up, you’ll receive an e-mail with your account information. From there, you simply follow the link to sign-in at our student center. In the student center you can begin courses, see your questions to the studio, track your progress, cancel your subscription, and update any billing information.

When you start, you will have access to our beginning I course and from there, you must complete each video lesson to progress to the next. This is how we insure our students are learning the right way and that you learn concepts in the right order for your development. Our curriculum focuses on finger-style or playing without a pick. However, after completing our curriculum your skills can easily transfer to ANY style of guitar you wish.

Our video lessons play on any device and any web browser. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and you can learn anywhere, anytime!


“I’ve never knew how much money I wasting getting nowhere until I came to the studio” – Brian H.

“My Daughter has come so far with Thomas Byers Guitar Studio, more than just becoming a fine guitarist, she has acquired a true passion for music” Jennifer S.

“Wow, was I doing everything wrong! I’m glad TBGS is finally showing me how to play more easily” – Robert P.

“I use the guitar to have a personal escape, and I love the low pressure going at my own pace, I love it!” – Theresa D.