The Power of Music Around the Globe

Happy Winter everyone! Cece here!

To start off this winter, I have decided to broaden the horizon of what we do here at the studio and explore the true potential of music by researching it’s global significance. As we all know, music is a powerful thing, as it captures our emotions and creates new ones as we listen and play. What we often ignore, is that music has much cultural significance as it also defines us as people. The power of music stretches far beyond the surface as it defines not only ourselves but we as people of the world. With the many variations it takes, music can be found in anything as it has become a part of everyday life. As Filmmaker Vincent Moon captures the true complexity of it’s strength around the world, he explores various countries and their cultures, highlighting the musical influence of each through his use of a video camera and the internet. His use of technology is meant to portray a new message of the importance of music and culture around the globe as he creates films of each culture and the music within them. As he explores each of these countries from Chechnya to France to Brazil, he discovers the true power music has on each and every culture as he encounters various rituals in which music has become the core of the practice. In this Global TED Talk in Brazil (linked below), Moon discusses his goals as well as the importance of global recognition with music and culture as he provides glimpses of his films during the talk. His discussion is accompanied by a surreal performance by well known Brazilian latin-jazz percussionist Naná Vasconcelos.

Here is the video: Enjoy!

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